Moolah Monthly Savings Report: What to Buy in March

By March 5, 2018Online Shopping

With March comes the close of most end-of-winter sales, and there are some significant savings to be found in many spring categories, as well.  Winter sports are wrapping up for the year as spring break ends, Valentine’s Day spending has passed, and many retailers experience a sales lull in March that savvy shoppers can use to their advantage. Here are some of the consistently best categories for March savings.


Mid to high-end jewelers experience a low point in sales in the time between Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, which is when they often earn their highest profits. Look for sales on Valentine’s Day-centric jewelry in particular, such as heart-shaped pieces.


Similar to jewelry, perfumes are often discounted in March due to low sales volume compared to their high seasons of Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Note your favorite brands and seek out 10-25% discounts on them at retailers.


You might still be able to find some great deals on chocolates and other sweets in March, with the rush of Valentine’s Day over.

Frozen foods

March is National Frozen Foods month, and most grocery stores discount certain brands and types of food. Pay attention to which items are actually offered for lower-than-average prices, as grocery stores often do not discount all their items and count on shoppers not paying attention to what is truly discounted and what is not.


Cruise tickets are often discounted in March, both for those making future bookings and last-minute cruises during the end of the month, when most schools’ and colleges’ spring breaks have passed.


Many hotels offer lower rates in March, meaning that this month can be an excellent time to plan out your summer vacation by booking for your room a few months ahead of time.

Winter sporting equipment

After most students’ spring break ends, winter sporting equipment like skis, snowboards, and sleds often go on sale as retailers prepare to stock their stores with space-consuming summer equipment.


Few shoppers are thinking of luggage purchases during March, which is between the major travel seasons of winter and summer, and significant discounts are available at many retailers.

Golf clubs

New models of golf clubs are released at the beginning of summer, making March the beginning of the period when sports retailers begin to discount their old inventory in preparation for the summer golf season.

Vacuum cleaners

New vacuum models are released in the summer, meaning March can be a great time to buy last year’s models and take care of your spring cleaning at the same time.

Electronics from Japanese manufacturers

With Japan’s fiscal year ending March 31, many laptops, digital cameras, and smartphones from companies like Sony and Toshiba go on sale as manufacturers prepare to release their latest models during their new fiscal year.